What Does a PR Manager Do?

Public relations managers handle brand image and awareness for entities ranging from individuals like athletes, actors and social media influencers to organizations like political parties and global corporations. PR managers are typically responsible for communicating those messages to clients, vendors, investors and the public at large.

How Do PR Managers Make a Difference?

Being able to communicate effectively is central to a PR manager’s day-to-day tasks. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a number of key duties of PR managers. Helping a client or company develop a corporate identity, identifying target audiences and the best channels to reach them, appointing a spokesperson for media inquiries, writing press releases, communicating with executive leadership, and supervising staff are some of the duties.

Public Relations Is a Growing Industry

According to a Statista report, “Worldwide public relations revenue is projected to grow from 14 billion U.S. dollars generated in 2016 to approximately 19.3 billion in 2020.” PR agencies in the U.S. brought in $13.5 billion worth of revenue in 2016, a considerable jump from previous years.

The field is expected to add 8% more jobs for PR and fundraising managers through 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which notes: “Employment of public relations managers will be driven by the need for organizations to maintain their public image, especially with the growth of social media.”

The median annual salary for a PR manager is $114,800, according to May 2018 BLS data, with some public relations experts making more than $200,000.

How Can a Master’s Degree Help Someone Progress in the PR Field?

Southern Utah University’s master’s program focused on professional communication helps students learn to make effective use of the communication tools available today. Coursework in the master’s program will allow students the opportunity to:

  • Study the impact of technology and social media on the communication process and the effect of platforms like YouTube, TV, advertisements, gaming, etc. on identity and collective understanding.
  • Learn the practical aspects of developing and managing social media plans.
  • Explore advanced issues in public relations and how PR professionals respond to and manage events.
  • Learn the fundamentals of qualitative and rhetorical research methods.
  • Reinforce what they have learned in the program by completing a thesis or capstone project at the end.

Ongoing and projected demand for qualified professionals in the public relations industry means strong job prospects for those who know the ins and outs of image and reputation management. By earning a master’s degree from Southern Utah University, you can take charge of your career in public relations.

Learn more about SUU’s online M.A. in Professional Communication General program.


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