Become a Leader With a Specialized MBA

Do you have leadership abilities in business management and the drive to take those skill set to the next level? If so, Southern Utah University’s online MBA – Leadership Emphasis may interest you. This specialized leadership MBA program is focused on developing and expanding a student’s natural leadership style. The program’s leadership coursework helps students enhance competency for management functions across a wide array of business operations.

The Value of Leadership Skills

Employers, institutions and organizations across the global business community recognize that advanced leadership skills are essential to effective business management and development. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), considered the most widely respected accrediting body, reflects this importance in its goal “to create the next generation of great leaders.” As an AACSB-accredited program, SUU’s online MBA in leadership closely aligns with this goal, working to improve the future of business leadership.

Interestingly, leadership skills and associated soft skills like communication, the ability to work in a team and creative problem-solving have recently risen to the top of most employers’ wish lists for employee and B-school graduate traits. This trend has been substantiated by reports and surveys from the likes of Bloomberg, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

The Importance of Authentic Leadership

SUU’s approach to leadership skill development expands on the foundation of topical business management studies by focusing on the personal development of authentic leadership. The concept of authentic leadership has been described in many ways. But, in essence, it refers to an individual’s genuine, natural style of leadership, based on factors that include a person’s core values, motivations, intents and personality.

Whereas many attributes of effective leadership like communication and conflict resolution can be learned, the core aspects that compose an individual’s natural style of leading others are inherent or intrinsic. Thus, they are not something to be learned or unlearned. Rather, they can be explored through reflection and experience, and built upon. The genuine feel of a leader’s style builds trust and open relationships with those being led. Leadership methodologies therefore are treated more as tactics and differentiated techniques to apply according to variances in context and individual needs and situations.

Building Effective Teams

Another focus of SUU’s online MBA – Leadership Emphasis program is the role of leaders in nurturing collaboration in the workplace and building effective, productive teams. Employee engagement, conflict resolution and collaborative innovation all rely on constructive interactions between workers. This emphasis on leadership skills development can be an invaluable component of leadership and management education.

In focusing on the development of one’s authentic leadership style and the importance of team building and collaboration, the online MBA program from SUU takes a unique approach to leadership studies. This approach can help students master the soft leadership skills deemed most valuable by modern employers and the wider business community, preparing those students for success in any leadership role.

Learn more about Southern Utah University’s online MBA – Leadership Emphasis program.


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